Category Reports

Category Reports

Main List Page

A table view of all categories. The table is searchable by the category name and filterable by the organization owner.

Specific Category Page

You can view a more detailed report of a specific category by clicking on its title. This detailed report has three major sections; the activity of the actual category, the user interaction within the category, and the user activity on a specific deck within the category. 

Category Activity

  1. Unique Opens
    1. The number of unique users who have opened decks in this category.
  2. Total Opens
    1. The number of times decks have been opened by all users in this category.
  3. Total Card Flips
    1. The combined number of times cards in this category's decks were flipped by all users.
  4. Average Sessions Per User
    1. The average number of sessions users were actively engaged in this category. A session is a period of time where a user is actively engaging (flipping, swiping, or scrolling a card, or opening and closing and re-opening the deck) with the deck, if the user is inactive for more than 1.5 hours, the session is automatically ended.  
  5. Average Time in Category
    1. The average time spent by all users across all their sessions.
  6. Average % Category Viewed
    1. The average percentage of decks in this category is viewed by users. Only active cards are factored in the percentage. Cards in the deck not viewable by all users will drop the percentage.
  7. Device Usage
    1. Devices users are using to access this category.
  8. Most Popular Decks
    1. All decks in this category sorted by the number of opens.

User Activity (Category)

A table view of user engagement stats for all who have interacted with this category. 

User engagement stats:
  1. Last active date
  2. User name
  3. User email
  4. The number of:
    1. opens
    2. flips
    3. sessions
  5. Percentage of the category viewed
  6. Average time in the category
  7. Total time in the category

User Activity (Decks)

A table view of user engagement stats for all who have interacted with the decks in this category. 

The engagement stats are as follows:
  1. Last active date,
  2. User name,
  3. User email,
  4. number of
    1. opens,
    2. favorites,
    3. flips,
    4. tucks,
    5. resources opened, and
    6. sessions,
  5. percentage of the deck viewed,
  6. the average time in the deck, and
  7. total time in the deck.
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