Connecting Content

Connecting Content

Step 1 Create your Connection

  1. Locate and expand the Access section in the main nav.
  2. Click on the Connections section.
  3. Click on the button in the top right of the screen titled Create Connection.

  1. Name your Connection.
    1. You can create a content code for Users to easily share content by means of a QR code or by sharing the content code name that you choose.
    2. You can add a path directly to your content by copying and pasting the url from the web version.
  2. Make sure to toggle ON the active state.

Step 2 Create your User

  1. Locate and expand the Access section in the main nav.
  2. Click on the Users section.
  3. Click on the Create App User button in the top right of the screen to add one user at a time.

  1. Add users name, email, and create a password. Phone number is optional.

Step 3 Assign the Connection to the User

Type in the name of your Connection in the search field, and select it. You can assign a User multiple Connections.
Once in the User edit screen, you can view the following User Activity:

  1. Recent Activity
  2. Assessment Trials
  3. Points Decks
  4. User Favorites
  5. Quiz Responses
  6. Visible Decks & Cards
  7. Daisy Chain Decks Viewed
  8. Notification Tokens
Once a User is created, you can send them an activation email. This email provides them step by step instructions as to how to login.

Step 4 Assign the Connection to your Card(s)

Locate the Card you want to be visible.

Type in the name of your Connection and select it.

You can assign a Card multiple Connections.

If you haven’t created your Connection at this stage, you have the option to do so here.

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