Creating a Connection Sync

Creating a Connection Sync

If you have a large number of users you would like to assign a connection with a file upload, we have made it easy for you to do so. 

Step 1 Create a Connection

  1. Expand the Access section in the main nav.
  2. Click on the Connections section.
  3. Click on the button in the top right of the screen titled View Connection Syncs.
  4. Click on the button in the top right of the screen titled Create Connection Sync.

  1. Name your Connection Sync and assign a Connection to it.
  2. Click the Save Connection Sync button.

Step 2 Upload Your User List

  1. Click the Choose File button and locate your user list file on your computer.
    The file must be a .CSV or Excel file and contain the user’s email.
  2. Click the Continue button to upload the file and assign the users to the selected Connection.

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