Creating Daisy Chained Decks

Creating Daisy Chained Decks

Daisy Chaining multiple decks together allows you to have the learner go through your content in a specific linear order. 

Step 1

The Daisy Chain editing tools are located in the Category edit screen.

Step 2

From this screen, you can activate the Daisy Chain feature (there must be more than one deck). Once activated, you can choose the % of cards that need to be flipped (10%-100%) in order to unlock the next deck. You also have the option to re-set all unlocked progress, this is essentially a hard re-set for all users so use wisely. 

Step 3

You will now notice the decks have lock icons between them.
Note: You can still re-arrange the deck order, however, this will disrupt the user's experience and will lock decks that were once unlocked, and unlock decks that were once locked. Best practice is to leave the order alone once the Daisy Chain has been activated.

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