Deck Reports

Deck Reports

Main List Page

This report will provide you with macro-level statistics of the deck activity and the micro-level statistics of each user and the cards they engaged with. Within the deck reports section, you are able to search for any individual deck by name or filtering by its organizational owner or the category it lives in. The ability to search for specific deck types is available by clicking the tabbed navigation (All, Standard, Assessment, and Points decks).

Specific Deck Page

Once you have found the deck you are looking for and click on its title, you will be taken to a more detailed page about that specific deck. This page provides data on the activity of the actual deck, the users' who have interacted with it, and the cards. You are able to access these sections from the tabbed navigation. 

Deck Activity

  1. Unique Opens
    1. The number of unique users who have opened this deck.
  2. Total Opens
    1. The number of times this deck has been opened by all users.
  3. Total Card Flips
    1. The combined number of times cards in the deck were flipped by all users.
  4. Average Sessions Per User
    1. The average number of sessions users were actively engaged in this deck. A session is a period of time where a user is actively engaging (flipping, swiping, or scrolling a card, or opening and closing and re-opening the deck) with the deck, if the user is inactive for more than 1.5 hours, the session is automatically ended.  
  5. Average Time in Deck
    1. The average time spent by all users across all their sessions.
  6. Average % Deck Viewed
    1. The average percentage of cards in a deck viewed by users. Only active cards are factored in the percentage. Cards in the deck not viewable by all users will drop the percentage.

User Activity

A table view of user engagement stats for all who have interacted with this deck. 

The engagement stats are as follows:

  1. Last active date,
  2. User name,
  3. User email,
  4. number of
    1. opens,
    2. favorites,
    3. flips,
    4. tucks,
    5. resources opened, and
    6. sessions,
  5. percentage of the deck viewed,
  6. the average time in the deck, and
  7. total time in the deck.

Card Interactions

A table view of user engagement stats for each user who interacted with specific cards within this deck. The table is able to be filtered by card type.

 The engagement stats are as follows:

  1. Date
  2. User name
  3. Card type
  4. Response type
  5. Response body copy

Card Interactions - Assessment Deck

For the assessment deck type, you are provided more insights into the user's specific activity. You can choose to display an aggregated chart of all of the user's answers, individual responses, or a raw feed of both. The example below is of the aggregated answers.

Assessment Results

You also are provided another tabbed navigation for the assessment results. This is a detailed report on all of the user's pass/fail percentages, the timeline, scores, attempts, and question breakdown.

 The engagement stats are as follows:

  1. Passed/Failed/Incomplete percentage
  2. Average first score
  3. Average final score
  4. Average attempts
  5. Outcome timeline
  6. Question Breakdown

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