What is FLIP?

What is FLIP?

FLIP is a modern spin on a proven learning tool—the flash card.

We reimagined it for today’s mobile workforce, delivering just-in-time and on-demand content to the people who need it most—anytime, anywhere.

Unlike conventional eLearning, FLIP Cards are designed with micro-content - helping your workforce find solutions fast. Users get a distraction-free environment that reinforces content through the seamless integration of assessment by using quizzes and other interactive cards to promote user retention and engagement.

FLIP is here to equip your workforce of today!

A Modern Solution

FLIP is the tool that will help you merge training, knowledge management, and performance support. 
  1. Gaining skills and knowledge
  2. Finding and sharing information
  3. Accomplish work tasks
  4. Receive certifications & CPE credit

Benefits of FLIP

  1. Improves productivity
  2. Mobile and global
  3. Efficient
  4. Enhances access to information and expertise
  5. Reduces time off for training
  6. Easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to update

Overcome Business Challenges

FLIP removes many of the challenges of today’s business environments as it provides these key capabilities:
  1. Searchable content and information
  2. Ability to publish approved content at regularly timed intervals
  3. Allows Learners the ability to curate personalized content
  4. Support employees work efforts on the job that create real results
  5. Reduces the cost of training

Robust Analytics

Our analytics allows you to:
  1. Receive detailed user activity
  2. Measure their understanding
  3. Resolve challenges in your existing workflow
  4. Retrieve content trends
  5. Apply stats towards marketing strategies

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