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The main screen is a list of all your users that have accounts. You can filter them by connection or search for an individual's name. 

The table list columns consist of the user's name, how many connections they have, their email when they were added, their activation date, the last time they logged in, and if they are active or not. By clicking on the user's name, you will be taken to their individual account edit page. You will also be taken to their account edit page if you click on the connection count. 

At the top right of the screen you have the options to create a new user, Import users (this is a Super-admin only feature), and add or remove a connection from a user. To activate the add/remove connection button, simply check the box next to a user's name. Checking the box next to the word NAME in the table list will check all of the users. 

Let us go into more detail on creating a user. When creating a user you just need to fill out a few form fields, however, once created the user's edit screen has detailed information that is very useful. 

Creating a User

Clicking on the button at the top right of the screen will take you to the Add User screen. Here you just need to add the user's full name, email, phone number if you would like, and add the connection you want the user to have upon login. 

Once you have created a user, you can view a variety of details pertaining to their content and activity. When you first create a user, you will want to click the Send Activation Email button located to the right of the screen. 

Options at the right of the screen

Connections: You can view all of the connections the user has, and add as many as you would like to their account. 

Created: This is the date the user account was created.

Updated: The date the account was last updated.

Activated: The date the account was activated by the user logging in.


View Admin Audit: You can view the admin who last edited this user's account. This is a Super-admin feature only.

Preview User in Emulator: This will open the emulator under the user's permissions.

Send Activation Email: This button sends an email with activation instructions to the user.

Delete All Assessment Records: Clicking this will delete all of the user's data pertaining to all of the assessments they have ever taken. Be careful with this option. 

Delete User: You can delete a user. 

Drop Down Menus

Recent Activity: A tabel list view of all actions the user has taken with the content. 

Assessment Deck Completions: A table list of all the assessments the user has ever taken. 

Points Deck Completions: A table list of all points decks the user has completed.

Standard Deck Completions: A table list of all Standard Decks the user has completed. This relates to the API Options course number. 

User Favorites: A list of all the Cards the user has favorited. 

Quiz Responses: Table list of Question Cards the user has answered. You can delete individual answers.

Visible Decks & Cards: This is a list of all the Decks and Cards the user can see.

Daisy Chain Decks Viewed: Table list of all Decks that are daisy chained and the percentage viewed.

Notification Tokens: A List of all notifications the user has received.

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