Deck Aesthetics & Deck Admin Features

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Deck Overview & Aesthetics

Decks are the container or repository for a specified number of Cards. A Deck typically addresses one topic or module of learning.
A FLIP deck is uniquely designed with micro-learning in mind. A best practice for deck development is to keep the card count at an average of 15 cards for a single topic or learning module. 

Decks are elegantly limited in their design features.
  1. TitleThe title is carried over to the top, once inside a Deck. Try and keep it to 40 characters.
  2. Icon This is displayed just before the tile when inside a Deck.
  3. Color - You can choose from your uploaded brand colors or input a custom HEX value. The color becomes the backdrop within a Deck.
  4. Full-Bleed Imagery - This simply acts as an overlay to the prior options. You must still choose the prior options.

General Deck Admin Features

  1. BreadcrumbNavigation menu
  2. TitleName of the Deck
  3. Edit DeckBrings up the edit modal (shown in previous slides)
  4. Add Index CardBrings up the Index modal (details in separate job aid)
  5. Add/Remove Connections - Add or remove multiple connections to any card that is selected
  6. Create Card - Create any card type
  7. Mark as New - Check the box next to any Card and this button will activate, click it to mark the Card as new for the user. This will add a flag for the user to know that this card has been update/is new.
  8. SearchSearch the cards within the deck
  9. Select all cards check box By checking this box next to the word TITLE, all Cards are selected and the “Mark as New”* and “Add/Remove Connections”** buttons are activated.
  10. Search a Category/Create Category Search and select an existing Category or create a new one
  11. Deck InfoUseful information about the Deck
  12. View Reporting - This takes you to the reporting page for the Deck
  13. View in App - Opens an emulator to view the content
  14. Copy Link for App - Copies a direct link to the Deck onto your clipboard
  15. Print Deck - Opens a printable version of the Deck and all of the Cards
  16. Duplicate Deck - Duplicate the entire Deck including all Cards (Card are created inactive)
  17. Create VersionCreate different versions for your deck; this applies in the reporting only

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