Creating a Competition

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Creating a new Competition is as easy as setting up standard content. Let's start by listing out the features of a competition. This will help you understand how you can customize your own.

Competition Features:
  • Owner: Choose the organization that will own the competition. This is a Super-Admin feature only.
  • Name: Provide your competition with a fun and unique name.
  • Start Date: Choose the day and time you would like your competition to start. 
  • End Date: Choose the day and time you would like your competition to end. 
  • Team Based: Toggle between teams or Individual vs. Individual
  • Make Players Anonymous: This option lets you decide to show a user's name or provide an auto-assigned computer-generated label.
  • Show Score as Percentage: Choose between points or percentage scoring.
  • Trophies to Award: Provide trophies for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.
Deck Appearance
  • Deck Cover: Add a custom Deck cover. The size for the cover is 700px  X 1050px.
  • Deck Color: Choose a Deck color. Colors will vary and can be your branded colors.
  • Deck Icon: Pick a unique icon to represent your competition. 
Instructions Card
  • Automatic: This option will auto-generate clear instructions on which content to interact with.
  • Custom: This brings up the standard Content Card template. All of the features of the template are available for the custom instructions card.


Creating a Competition

From the main left navigation, expand the Content section, then click on the Competitions section. This will take you to the main competitions list page. This may be empty if you do not have any competitions yet. Click on the Create Competition button in the top right of the screen to build a new competition.

Clicking that button will take you to the Competition creation screen with all of the features laid out above. 

Once the competition is created, you be taken to the next step in the build, adding the players and objectives for the content. Your settings are displayed at the top, you are able to edit them at any time. The screenshot example is set for teams, we will detail how to add teams and how to add players below. 

Adding Teams

Clicking on the Add Team button will bring up a modal for creating a team. You can repeat this process to create as many teams as you would like.

Add Team Features

  • Name: Give your team a fun and unique name.
  • Color: Choose a color for the team. Colors may vary and can be your company's brand.
  • Icons: Pick an icon to match the fun name given.

Adding Players

Clicking on the Add Players button will bring up a modal that provides you with multiple options for how to add your players. Read below for details on each option.

Add Players by Connection

You are able to add a group of players by the connection they belong to.

Add Players by Search

You have the option to simply search a user's name or email. 

Add Players by uploading a CSV File

This option allows you to upload a .csv file of a list of emails. 

Add Players with our custom filter

Our custom filter lets you choose between a name or email and type custom words or letters they contain.

Once you have added all of your players or teams, the next step is to add the objectives to the Decks and Cards. This is the meat and potatoes of the competition. Here is where you decide what the user needs to do and the points they will receive once they do.

Remember, the competition is a scavenger on Decks and Cards that are active on the platform. So you need to know what Decks or Cards you are going to be adding your objectives to before starting this step. 

Adding Objectives to the Content

Clicking the Add Objective button will bring up the creation modal. You will need to decide whether you would like to choose a Deck or Card to add an objective to. Each of those have their own unique objectives. 

Add Objective Features

Content: Choose between a Deck or Card to have the user interact with.


    Deck options

  • Open Deck
  • Pass an assessment

    Card options

  1. Flip Card
  2. Favorite Card
  3. Open link on a Card
  4. Answer question on a Card
  5. Correct answer on a Card
  6. Submitted feedback
  7. Submitted Order Up
  8. Played video on Card
  9. Finished video on Card

Quantity: Determine the amount of times the user needs to interact with the content to gain the point.

Points: Provide a point value the user will gain.

That's all there is to it! Your competition is now ready!

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