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When creating your content, you should keep in mind that FLIP is a micro-learning platform. We have provided you with some recommendations and best practices for creating Decks and Cards.

  1. Optimum deck front full-bleed image size 700px X 1050px
  2. Optimum card front full-bleed image size 700px X 1133px
  3. Optimum card front golden image size 700px X 438px
  4. Use FLIP built-in formatting features
  5. Use direct video sources; for example YouTube, Vimeo
  6. 140-character limit = Front of the Card
  7. 4,000-character limit = Back of the card. Best practice: 3,000 characters or less
  8. Use simple and direct language
  9. Telephone numbers require the preface “tel:” in links.
  10. Email addresses require the preface “mailto:” in links.

Card Back Imagery Tip

When adding imagery to the back of a card, you can follow this tip to create different sizes and justifications.

The width of the back of the Card is 700px wide. When uploading an image, the platform will display all imagery at this width to fill the Card. If you would like to make an image small or have different justifications; create a background of 700px wide and place the image within it.

Back of Card

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