Naming Conventions & Best Practices

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The goal of having a proper naming convention is so that everything is organized and transparently labeled. This will ensure that the structure and content are straightforward and obvious to anyone wanting to work within the admin.

A proper naming convention will overcome the following challenges you may face in the future; difficulty locating content, lack of clarity on what connections to use, and the inability to quickly locate the proper Decks and Cards.
  1. When naming a “content container” such as a Collection, Bookcase, Category or Deck; be as specific and descriptive as possible. FLIP is a micro-content platform, so brevity is key. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms, this will help when searching for content for all admins.
  2. Be creatively descriptive when naming your Triggers and Connections. Connection and Trigger names will only be seen by admins, so you can be a bit more specific and lengthier in the naming convention. Remember that you may not be the only admin working on a project and/or may have a long block of time pass between interactions on projects, so the more descriptive your naming convention is the more helpful it will be
  3. A best practice for our naming convention is to not duplicate titles for any content container, Card, Connection, or Trigger. Having the exact same title will cause confusion and potential errors (specifically when it comes to connections and triggers). For example:

Duplicate titles

In this example the collection was titled "International Tax", the Bookcase was titled "International Tax", the category was titled "International Tax" and the Deck was the same. This creates a bad user experience and will make pulling reports difficult for the admin.

Remember that Cards are stand-alone objects and are searchable by their title.
Therefore, when a user searches for a term and cards are displayed in the results, the user should clearly know what that Card is.

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