Using Promo Banners to Advertise within the Platform

Created by Josh Ball, Modified on Tue, 22 Aug 2023 at 02:46 PM by Josh Ball

One way to market and advertise within the platform is to use our Promo banners. These banners can be placed on the user's Home screen or on the Library screen. The banner size is 1040px X 416px, you can upload a .jpeg or .png. You are able to create a link to a specific Deck in the platform or to any location on the internet. 

A banner can be helpful in promoting new content that has just been published or directing users to an assessment they need to complete. You are able to narrow down who sees the banner by assigning a specific connection to the banner. You may add as many connections to the banner as you would like. 

Promo Banner Features:

Owner: Choose which organization owns this promo. This is a Super-Admin feature only.

Title: Provide your banner with a title. The best practice is to be very descriptive. 

Target URL: Paste in the location where you would like the user to go when they click on the banner.

Image: Upload your image of the banner. The size is 1040px X 416px.


Show in Home: When toggled on, the banner will appear at the top of the user's homepage. 

Show in Library: When toggled on, the banner will appear at the top of the user's Library page.

Connections: Choose a connection for the banner. This isolates the visibility of the banner to only those users that also have that connection. 

Extra Options

Use Dates: If toggled on, you can choose a set time frame for the banner to be visible. So you can create a banner and have it launch at a date in the future, then remove itself at the set end time. 

Mobile App Version: You can provide a mobile app version number. This will allow the banner to only be shown to users with that version and below. 

Creating a Promo

To create a promo, expand the Alerts section of the main left navigation and click on the Promos section. This will take you to a list view of all the promos you have available to you. You are able to edit those by clicking on their title. To create a new one click on the Create Promo button located at the top right of the screen.

Clicking on the button will take you to the Promo creation screen where you can customize your banner however you see fit.

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