Sending a Notification

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You can send your user base a notification through their mobile device, by email, or by both! Sending a notification is a great way to prompt a reminder, advertise new content that has been recently published on the platform, or direct the users to specific content in real time. 

With our notification editor, you are able to send a one-time notification or schedule a notification at a cadence of your choosing. You may also set a specific date and time to send the notification at. This is helpful when setting up future notifications. 

Notification Features:

Send Mode: Choose to send your notification by email, mobile text, or by both, in case the user has their notifications turned off. 

Title: Provide your notification with a title. The best practice is to be descriptive yet short.

Body: Here is your opportunity to get a bit more lengthy, this will be the body copy of your notification. 

Deep link path: With this option, you can add a link to specific content on the platform. 


One-Time: Choose to send just once.

Recurring: Choose this option and you are able to pick a start date and time and an end date and time. As well as the cadence you would like, i.e., once a week, twice a day, it's up to you!

Send At - One-Time option only

Date: Choose the date to send the notification on.

Local Time: Choose the time of day to send it.

Choose Recipients

Filter - Clicking this will provide you with multiple options on whom to send it to.

  • Connection: Send notifications to just the users in a specific connection.
  • Excluding connection: Send to everyone in your user base except a specific connection.
  • Single user: Choose a single user to send to.
  • Users that completed all assessments: Send to all users who have finished your assessment(s).
  • Users that did not complete all assessments: Send to users who have not finished your assessment(s). This works as a great reminder!

Creating a Notification

To create a notification, expand the Alerts section of the main left navigation and click on the Notifications section. This will take you to the list screen of all the notifications you have available to you. Click the button at the top right title Create Notification.

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to the notification creation screen. You are able to customize the notification and set the date, time, and cadence of your notification.

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