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The FLIP Philosophy

Intuitive, Integrated, Intelligent

Be familiar! People are wired with short attention spans. Traditional methods of learning that were once the standard are not cutting it anymore. FLIP’s approach is based upon the principles of Flash Cards, which are familiar to the learner, We provide a platform that’s comfortable, making it second nature to use.

Work well with others! Our platform can communicate with any existing system and provide detailed statistics. FLIP can be as nimble as a sustainment application, or as robust as an LXP.  All actions are recorded and available on a scheduled base. FLIP was created to make life easier!

Be smart with your actions!  We believe in constant education in life and helping others. Learning what is important and what makes things easier. The goal of FLIP’s designers was to architect a simple tool for learners whose study habits are sporadic and unpredictable. Your willpower to pay attention and learn will die after a short period and as neural pathways weaken over time, information in the brain that isn’t used is often lost. Repetition is critical for learning, but what the brain craves is novelty. With this knowledge in mind, FLIP’s designers believe they have solved the boredom problem by bringing individuality into the platform. The FLIP system is based on repetition in the form of decks and cards that each behave with the same basic functions. However, each card is unique as its creators and therefore keeps the learner engaged with every swipe.


Simple, simple, simple. FLIP is direct, easy, and straightforward. From the card formatted delivery interface, the organization of the content, down to the color palette.

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